Krishna Sadhaka | Level 3

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LEVEL 3 - Krishna Sadhaka

Assignment Details for Level 3 : Krishna Sadhaka

Hare Krishna Dear Student,

The Shiksha Program is meant to encourage the devotee by recognizing their spiritual standards. At each level, certain spiritual standards of reading, hearing and practice are established under the guidance of Mentor.

Congratulations!! You have been assigned the Shiksha Program – Krishna Sadhaka | Level 3 and certificate of recognition for your good spiritual efforts and endeavors. 

Below are the details of the assignments within this level

Recommended Reading

  1. Srila Prabhupada Biography
  2. PQPA & S.S.R (Science of Self Realization)
  3. Elevation To Krishna Consciousness.
  4. Bhagavat Gita – Introduction

Recommended Audio Lectures

Kindly download the Audio lectures from the below link

Google Drive Link

Step Duration

The tentative timeline for this step is 8 months. In other words, student is expected to complete all the assigned tasks within this step in 8 months.

Happy learning.

Yours in service of Lord Krishna,
Team Evolve Pune

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