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  • HG Parabhakti Devi Dasi

    May 11, 2023 at 5:47 pm

    Hare Krishna

    CPR is an emergency life saving procedure performed when the heart stops beating. Since it is a life saving procedure that means death has still not occurred and soul is still inside body. Clinically death happens when EITHER both brain & heart are dead OR only the brain is dead.

    1. When brain is working and heart stops beating: When heart stops beating as in the case of cardiac arrest, breathing and pulse also stops. When this happens, the heart must be started again as soon as possible (CPR), so the brain and other vital organs can get the oxygen they need. After three minutes without oxygen, the brain cells start to die. Once the brain is also dead, the body becomes useless and it cannot be revived by any means. At this time agents of death pull the soul out of the body and arrange next/new body according to the soul’s karma in the previous body. Person is able to get timely CPR only by his karma.

    2. When brain stops working and heart is beating: Brain death is a complex assessment that is mostly misunderstood and often challenged in court. Brain principally comprises of 2 hemispheres and brain stem. Of all three, brainstem is the last structure to lose function. Once brainstem function is lost, breathing stops first and the heart soon thereafter. Sometimes patients are put on life support which just delays this process. In comatose, patients may be able to breathe on their own and when some or all brainstem reflexes are preserved. Therefore brain dead is considered clinically dead because body is just in vegetative state and is going to die sooner or later. In this case soul remains in body till heart stops beating. Srila Prabhupad says that such state is a punishment and is given to those souls who are very much attached to body and are not willing to leave the body at the time of death. So this makes death more miserable because so many sufferings going on, so many dreaming, the Yamadutas coming etc.

    Sometimes out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and near-death experiences (NDE) also happen in above cases when soul temporarily leaves the gross body and hover over its own body at the scene of an accident or over the operating table. Please read for more details on this.