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Evolve Pune | Transform your life with Evolve Pune Forums Ask A Question Karma yoga is for Krishna, Jnana is also to invoke Bhakti then why Yoga division Reply To: Karma yoga is for Krishna, Jnana is also to invoke Bhakti then why Yoga division

  • Madan Sundar Das

    June 15, 2023 at 1:51 pm

    Thank you for asking a very thoughtful question….
    Yoga means interlinking oneself with the Supreme Being and this is the goal to be attained by different Yoga systems either be Karma Y, Jnana Y, Astanga Y or Bhakti Yoga.

    • Karma Y means engaging one’s senses in the service of the Lord
    • Jnana Y means to understand the Supreme Being with one’s Mind through Philosophical research
    • Astanga Y means to meditate on the Lord
    • While Bhakti Yoga is to love the Lord with all one’s means. In this step all the above engagement of Senses, Mind & Intelligence follows naturally. And this is the highest step in the Yoga ladder.

    One cannot jump to the last step directly. However, under the guidance of bonafide spiritual master one can engage in Bhakti Yoga by properly executing the previous 3 stages. For an instance:

    1. Karma Yoga – Engage one’s senses & results of our work in the service of the Lord
    2. Jnana Yoga – Regular study of Bhakti Scriptures or Srila Prabhupada’s books
    3. Astanga Yoga – Attentive chanting of Holy Names everyday

    To conclude, the Lord explains different Yoga Systems to highlight the importance & greatness of Bhakti Yoga among all the systems of Yoga (BG 6.47). And all our endeavors are successful if only Hari is pleased (samsiddhim hari tosanam) otherwise it all will be futile.

    And why Jnana Yoga is discussed after Bhakti Yoga?

    To highlight the need of scriptural knowledge to become steady on the path of Bhakti.