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  • Medhavini Sakhi Devi Dasi JPS

    November 14, 2023 at 2:47 pm

    Hare Krishna

    Dandavats Pranams


    When I saw this question, I remembered the story quoted by one of the devotees…that I wanted to share according to my limited realization on this subject…. A bear and a man were chased by a wild lion and both of them climbed a tree and took shelter. Both of them decided that each one would take turn to keep awake during the night and would go their ways in the morning when the Lion goes away.The Lion was standing under the tree waiting for one of them to come down so that could have mahaprasade govinde!!

    When the bear was sleeping, the Lion tried to persuade the man to push the bear down saying that it would go away after eating the bear and would spare the man’s life. Hearing this, the man thought this may be the way I could save my life and pushed the bear down the tree. Somehow the bear caught hold of the lower branch and protected himself from falling down. Later it was the turn of the man to go to sleep and the Lion tried to allure the bear in the same way… but the bear replied that it was not the nature of the man to be trustworthy, but it was his nature to be trustworthy. In this way, when humility is there in the heart, in all situations whether material or spiritual, a person stays humble. As HH RNM says in a lecture, humility does not mean inferority complex, humility does not mean allowing others to walk over us, humility does not mean lack of self respect, humility means honesty, when we recognise that not even a blade of grass moves without the sanction of the Lord, the more we understand Lord’s greatness, to that extent we become humble and it is is manifested in our every interaction with every liviing entity in all situations. vidya vinaya sampanne brahmane gavi hastini suni chaiva svapake cha panditaha sama darshinaha..… the more we get transcendental vidya, the more we develop vinaya humility and that percolates through all spheres of life personal, professional , material, spiritual …as it becomes an inherent part of our character, our being…. these are some thoughts…. hope this helps….

    Request senior devotees to add/ make orrections as appropriate…. saw this question unanswered and thought of sharing my thoughts around this as per what I have heard from senior devotees…..

    Yours in service, Medhavini Sakhi Devi Dasi