Our Goal

Our aim is to bring harmony in the personal, professional & social life of an individual through Education, Culture & Devotion

Our Inspiration

Srila Prabhupada | Founder Acharya of ISKCON
HH Radhanath Maharaj | Guru, Author & Community Builder
HG Radheshyam Prabhu | Temple President, ISKCON Pune

Our Activities


Ordinary knowledge obtained by a university education pertains only to matter. Knowledge means knowing the distinction between spirit and matter. In modern education there is no knowledge about spirit; they are simply taking care of the material elements and bodily needs.


Yatras or Retreats offers an opportunity to be away from everything that often keeps us distracted, and to absorb our consciousness in spiritual vibration, which is an essential food for soul.


Every living being is anxious for full freedom because that is his transcendental nature. And this freedom is obtained only through the transcendental service of the Lord.

Love means to serve and to serve means to please.


Yes, a shiksa guru is anyone who can give spiritual advancement. You take instruction from my books, and if you are unable to understand any portion of the books, then you can get it explained by any senior devotee. Any senior devotee can be an instructor in spiritual subject matters.

Nobody should criticize anyone. Because everyone is engaged in the service of the Lord, according to one's capacity


Our process is simple, all-embracing, we have something to offer for everyone. There is chanting, dancing, feasting and very perfect philosophy, so everyone may be satisfied with our Krishna Consciousness Movement.

Director, Evolve Pune​
MS, Ohio State University, USA

Madan Sundar Das, a distinguished scholar, holds a Master’s degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University in the United States. With an illustrious career, he made significant contributions as a Research Engineer at Juniper Networks in the USA. However, it was the profound wisdom encapsulated in the message of the Bhagavad Gita and the remarkable life of Srila Prabhupada, the founder acarya of ISKCON, that ignited a transformative spark within him. This profound inspiration led him to return to his homeland of India in 2012, where he wholeheartedly embraced a life of spiritual devotion and service as a Resident Monk at ISKCON Pune.

Presently, Madan Sundar Das serves as the esteemed Director of EVOLVE Pune, a prestigious forum dedicated to corporate education and empowerment. Under his able leadership, EVOLVE Pune orchestrates an array of cultural and educational events tailored for corporates, teachers, and students alike, fostering a harmonious blend of sublime living and high thinking.

Moreover, Madan Sundar Das takes on the role of a project manager for ISKCON Hinjewadi, further amplifying his commitment to serving the community. He is also a visiting faculty member at Symbiosis and Dy Patil MBA Schools, and a sought-after corporate speaker for companies like Barclays. His personal ardor lies in delving into the timeless wisdom enshrined within the Vedic Scriptures. Driven by his passion, he has meticulously designed courses centered around the profound teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, the epic Mahabharata, the revered Ramayana, and the enlightening Srimad Bhagavatam.