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Today people seem to be more stressed, relationships are more strained and anxiety is increasing in society. We at Evolve Pune, conduct various educational programs & events to help people rise above the stressful lifestyle and make a purposeful living a new lifestyle.
Your donation will go towards sponsoring our programs, distribution of Bhagavad Gita, supporting further outreach programs. If you appreciate our efforts for society or have been benefited by it, we request you to make a contribution of your choice.


Alternatively, you may make the donation on this UPI ID : iskcon.62291583@hdfcbank
Please share the screenshot of the transaction on Whatsapp : 9175672172

Janmashtami: Perform Abhishek seva

Sahadev Sevak

Abhishek on 20th Aug. & Mahaprasadam



Nakul Sevak

6 months subscription of Back to Godhead Magazine + Benefits of Sahadev Sevak



Arjuna Sevak

Annual subscription of Back to Godhead Magazine & Special Gift + Benefits of Sahadev Sevak



Bhima Sevak

Srila Prabhupada Lilamrita Set + NVCC Gift Shop Coupon + Benefits of Arjuna Sevak



Yudhisthira Sevak

Chaitanya Charitamrita Set + NVCC Gift Shop Coupon + Benefits of Arjuna Sevak


1 Lac

Bhisma Sevak

Srimad Bhagavatam Set + Benefits of Arjuna Sevak


2 Lac

Janmashtami: Sponsor ingredients for Abhishek seva

Milk - 1001

Honey - 1001

Curd - 1001

Flowers - 5001

Fruits - 3100

Ghee - 2100

For international donors

Anna Daan 80g Eligible

Donate 5000 for Anna Daan Seva₹ 5000Donate Now
Donate 2500 for Anna Daan Seva₹ 2500Donate Now
Donate 1100 for Anna Daan Seva₹ 1100Donate Now

Support our online services 80g Eligible

An online medium is a convenient way to gain knowledge from the comfort of your home. Evolve Pune strives to offer various online educational and cultural activities to help people live a wholesome and progressive life. The creation and maintenance of online acivities needs significant money and efforts. Kindly support our efforts so that we can continue to offer our services via this online platform to all.

Support all evolvepune.com activities for a year

(Includes web developer fee, paid services and softwares, content creation, notification services etc)
₹ 1,90,000Donate Now
Support web development, maintenance and security

(Includes web Developer fee, subscription to various paid services such as LMS plugin, security plugin, backup plugin and more)
₹ 1,00,000Donate Now
Support Content Creation

(Includes Social media posts, website and social media graphics etc)
₹ 36,000Donate Now
Support Notification services

(email, newsletters, occasional SMSes)
₹ 24,000Donate Now
Support Hosting and Domain charges₹ 30,000Donate Now

Make a donation of your choice 80g Eligible


(Support Bhagavad Gita Distribution to needy by your contribution) 80g Eligible


Make a donation of your choice 80g Eligible

Gita Daan Yajna

Celebrate Gita Jayanti with us: we invite everyone to join us to celebrate this holy occasion In and receive unlimited spiritual benefits and blessings.

Activities Planned:
    Sloka Recitation - chanting of Bha gavad Gita SLokas
    Gita Daan Yajna* - take part in fire sacrifice
    Tula Daan -
*Sponsorship Opportunity
-  Sponsors will be invited to attend the Narsimha Yajna
-  Gifts for every sponsor
- The Sponsorship will be utilized to distribute Gitas in various needy Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, Jails etc.

Gita Daan Yajna Donation Sponsorship scheme:

AmountNo of Gita
Click here to Donate
₹ 210010Donate Now
₹ 350020Donate Now
₹ 510030Donate Now
₹ 750050Donate Now
₹ 15100100Donate Now

Gita Daan

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