A comprehensive study course for children aged 9+
By Sundari dd (Madhavi Anant)


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Not necessary.

This course is open to ALL (& Any) children aged more than 9 years. Knowledge of Gita is universal and every child has a right to access it.

Not actually.

The course is customized to suit the beginners while also addressing the ever inquisitive minds of those children who have some history of learning / practicing Gita.

As such no separate course material required to be purchased, but it will help if you have a copy of Bhagavad Gita As It Is published by ISKCON with you.  Also, the  session recordings will be released on Evolve website / Telegram channel for any future reference, revision etc.

Online Registration is mandatory (with few personal details like Name, Age, Address etc). Link for registration will be shared as part of whats’app announcements. This can be also accessed through EVOLVE website https://stage.evolvepune.com

Fee is very low, just 700 Rs to increase participation. You can attend a course of 108 sessions spanned over 2.5 years for your kids. 

However, all parents to ensure minimum 80% attendance to the weekly classes and also  promote active engagement during the class.

If you feel that you don’t have time to read it by yourself or are unable to understand the text of Bhagavad Gita. Then this overview course is meant for you. 

Lastly, this program is open for all people.

The course begins on 22nd August 2021 at 6 pm with an introductory session. It will continue on every Sunday evening, during 6 to 7.30 pm.  All sessions will be held ONLINE (even after lockdown opens up) over ZOOM platform. Links to join will be shortly announced prior to each session.

As the course proceeds, Children will not only get opportunity to  learn the timeless knowledge of Gita in a very lucid, easy to understand language, but also get an opportunity to : 

    1. imbibe divine qualities
    2. adopt strong character building
    3. acquire good virtues 
    4. get an ability to take right decisions in life
    5. access modern worldview from the lens of our ancient Vedic scriptures
    6. satiate their thirst for naturally inquisitive questions about spirituality and life in general     
    7. gain more respect towards fellow students, parents, teachers and God in general

and also to interact and make friends with fellow like minded children (in virtual space) …. 

Course content is specially tailored for children in which around 81 themes within 18 chapters of Gita will be extensively covered within this course

Every session includes  :

      • Creative power point slides
      • Interesting stories from historic as well as contemporary times
      • Video based learning
      • Memorization of more than 100 special verses
      • Complex concepts made easy Easy through several real life analogies and examples 
      • Adequate time given for “recaps” so no separate time required for homework or revision etc  
      • Recorded Zoom sessions accessible for any future reference
      • Ample time for Q&A 
      • Post session Online Quiz with objective type answers
  • The course is delivered primarily in English language, with good mix of Hindi. 
  • The entire course is divided in 108 sessions, each session of duration of 90 minutes
  • Around 60 mins presentation, followed by 30 mins Q & A
  • Special attraction : Every child who regularly attends (more than 80% attendance) gets an opportunity to participate the online Mega quiz show (Kaun Banega Vidyapati) at the completion of every chapter (total 18 chapters)  and also  a chance to win the winner’s Trophy and many more exciting surprise gifts

Though Gita was spoken around 5000 years ago, its message is timeless and universal. In fact, in modern times which are full of calamities, anxieties and perplexities, the message of Gita is most relevant, than anything else !

On successful completion (min 80% active participation), a certificate will be awarded to every participant which will be delivered to respective residential address (subject to within India). Soft copy (PDF) can be sent to overseas students.

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