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🌟 “Karma Yoga: The Path of Selfless Action” Course 🌟

By Madan Sundar Das





Discover the profound wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita and embark on a transformative journey of self-realization through the practice of Karma Yoga. This comprehensive course is designed to empower you with the timeless teachings of Lord Krishna as presented in Chapters 1 to 6 of the Bhagavad Gita.

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Course Overview:

  • Chapter 1: The Dilemma of Arjuna – Uncover the inner conflicts and challenges faced by Arjuna, the valiant warrior, and explore the relevance of his dilemma in our lives today.
  • Chapter 2: The Yoga of Knowledge – Dive deep into the essence of Karma Yoga as Lord Krishna imparts the timeless wisdom of selfless action, renunciation, and detachment.
  • Chapter 3: The Yoga of Action – Learn the art of performing actions with dedication, devotion, and without attachment to the results, thereby freeing yourself from the bondage of desires.
  • Chapter 4: The Yoga of Knowledge and Renunciation – Discover the significance of true knowledge, the eternal nature of the soul, and the role of selfless actions in attaining liberation.
  • Chapter 5: The Yoga of Renunciation – Explore the concept of renunciation in both its external and internal aspects, leading to inner peace and spiritual growth.
  • Chapter 6: The Yoga of Meditation – Delve into the science of meditation as a means to control the mind and senses, fostering deeper self-awareness and connection with the Divine.

Course Features:

  • Engaging PowerPoint Presentations: Dive into visually captivating presentations that elucidate the profound concepts of Karma Yoga.
  • Audio and Visual Materials: Immerse yourself in soul-stirring chants, enlightening discourses, and guided meditation practices to enhance your learning experience.
  • Interactive Quizzes: Reinforce your understanding with thought-provoking quizzes designed to test your knowledge and encourage critical thinking.
  • Comprehensive Syllabus: A carefully curated syllabus ensures a structured and comprehensive study of the Bhagavad Gita, focusing on its application to modern-day life.

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